Automation Anywhere Opens Enterprise RPA Platform

Automation Anywhere, a provider of enterprise robotic process automation (RPA), has opened its RPA platform to enable the deployment of software bots on the Automation Anywhere platform by third-party software providers. New API-triggered bots allow organizations to automate a broader set of processes, including those for customer service.

"Much of the success of implementing AI will come from an open ecosystem of providers all working toward advancing the full capabilities of AI technology," said Mihir Shukla, CEO and co-founder of Automation Anywhere, in a statement. "Intelligent automation and the addition of API-triggered bots that can be orchestrated from external systems, such as customer service or supply chain systems, open the door to countless uses to enhance operational efficiency. This also empowers organizations to shift human potential toward driving new business growth."

"We have listened to our customers and opened up our RPA platform for interoperability with third-party software providers via APIs to further optimize enterprise business processes by fundamentally streamlining human-robot interaction, resulting in greater business value," added Abhijit Kakhandiki, vice president of products and engineering at Automation Anywhere, in a statement.

In addition to API-triggered bots, Automation Anywhere has received Microsoft Windows Logo Certification, with its products having passed stringent tests for compatibility and reliability on Windows. Automation Anywhere is also the only RPA provider to offer high availability and disaster recovery at the server and client levels.

"We have extended our high availability/disaster recovery capability to include the bot runners themselves, providing a true enterprise-class automation solution to run mission-critical processes," said Kakhandiki.