Attensity’s New NLP Parsing Engine Measures Consumer Sentiment

Attensity, a provider of solutions to surface business intelligence through real-time discovery, today announced Attensity's Semantic Annotation combined with its SDK.

This sophisticated parsing engine is designed to integrate into existing enterprise systems to automatically and intelligently extract highly accurate real-time insights from large volumes of disparate data. This technology delivers sophisticated concept analysis and discovery based upon ideas present in common language, as opposed to relying on traditional keyword approaches that require the presence of specific words. That makes it possible to uncover formerly unknown themes, relationships, and context in massive data sets and gather new insights into trends, challenges and business opportunities.

By rapidly parsing large amounts of unstructured text from any type of document provided---a task that would take humans hundreds, if not thousands, of man-hours---Attensity's Semantic Annotation SDK provides myriad actionable insights, making filtering, querying and discovery easier than ever before. Through the use of Attensity's patented Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, IT professionals, engineers, developers or analysts can decipher and surface sentiment, categories, relevant entities and themes, despite variations in grammatical or linguistic expression, including emoticons, synonyms and polysemys.

"Consumer sentiment, employee morale, and financial markets are constantly in motion. With ASAS, companies' enterprise analytic tools can now keep pace with the flow and respond immediately," said Howard Lau, CEO of Attensity, in a statement. "The flexibility of the Attensity's Semantic Annotation SDK enables customers to discover accurate business intelligence insights rapidly and in real-time, making them promptly available across internal systems with unprecedented accuracy and ease."

Attensity's Semantic Annotation helps any company that handles massive amounts of data, who do not wish to deviate from using their own enterprise analytics tools. For example, because the SDK can easily integrate into a workflow to provide NLP mark-up to current tools, an enterprise could use Attensity's Semantic Annotation to monitor external information, such as social and news media, as well as internal information, like customer surveys or calls, in order to keep a pulse on the market and audiences.

While the technology is highly sophisticated, the process itself is quite simple. Attensity's Semantic Annotation Java-based architecture allows it to easily integrate with myriad systems and core technologies to enable search beyond just relevant keywords or statistical patterns. By combining and analyzing the linguistic structure of words and the relationship between a sentence's subject, action and object, Attensity's Semantic Annotation reads text to recognize sentiment and themes. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Annotation Results Set makes filtering/querying easier thanks to already-connected data model.
  • Secure, on-premise deployment use via a bundled platform.
  • Industry-specific domain-based libraries.
  • Supports native and client-server configurations.
  • Ability to act on text in any document provided.
  • Language support for English, German, French, Spanish, simplified Chinese (Mandarin), and Turkish.
  • Analysis of annotations to measure document language, sentences, sentiment and more.