Astound and Intermedia Launch Cloud Contact Center

Astound Broadband and Intermedia Cloud Communications have launched Cloud Contact Center.

Cloud Contact Center allows for the integration of mobile, email, text messaging, webchat, and social media into an omnichannel experience. Cloud Contact Center also incorporates artificial intelligence, workflow automation, virtual agents, intelligent call routing and queue handling, reporting, and employee collaboration tools. Also included are AI-powered Interaction Insights, including AI Transcriptions, AI Sentiment Analysis, AI Interaction Summary, and AI Evaluator, and custom integrations into CRM and workforce management systems from companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Slack.

"Cloud Contact Center allows Astound to provide a best-in-class collaborative customer support solution that is an exceptional user experience for both businesses and their customers," said Patrick Knorr, chief commercial officer of Astound Business Solutions, in a statement. "Intermedia has a strong track record of helping businesses connect better, which aligns with our own emphasis on ensuring that businesses of all sizes have the ability to work as efficiently as possible."

"In today's economy, now is the best time to invest in solutions that create great customer experiences," said Jonathan McCormick, chief operating officer of Intermedia, in a statement. "Happy customers are more likely to buy again and cost less than finding new customers. That's why we're partnering with Astound Broadband to provide businesses with a versatile, reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud-based solution to help them deliver more informed, responsive, and personalized customer experiences."