Aspect Releases Mila Chatbot for Slack

Aspect Software, a provider of consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and self-service solutions, is making its Aspect Mila personal assistant chatbot available on workforce collaboration and messaging platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Facebook Workplace.

Launched last year, Mila provides contact center and enterprise employees with automated self-service functionality to view schedules, request time off, or trade shifts with other employees.

With plain, conversational language, Mila allows employees to ask for time off or pick up shifts right from within Slack. Supervisors and managers no longer have to field the administrative requests from employees, leaving that instead to Aspect Mila and Aspect's Workforce Management solution. Mila is now available on Slack, with integrations to Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace platforms to follow in the second quarter of this year.

"The integration of Aspect Mila with commonly-used workforce collaboration and messaging tools is a natural next step of providing contact center agents with enterprise-connected, self-directed shift management," said Mike Bourke, senior vice president and general manager of workforce optimization at Aspect, in a statement. "Chatbots are becoming an effective and desired means for both consumer and enterprise interaction. Mila's integration with Slack gives both in-office and remote employees their own workforce personal assistant right at their fingertips."

Mila is already available as a workforce virtual personal assistant on SMS and as an IVR application and is extensible, so the functional expertise of the chatbot can be expanded beyond workforce management issues. With access through enterprise collaboration channels, Mila's self-service functionality can now be deployed into areas like human resources, training, onboarding, and diverse knowledgebase systems.