Aspect Releases Aspect Via 18.1

Aspect Software, a provider of fully integrated customer engagement, workforce optimization, and self-service omnichannel solutions, has released Aspect Via 18.1, the latest version of its customer engagement platform in the cloud. The recent release includes enhanced automated/self-service omnichannel continuity, greater enterprise integration, expanded APIs, greater data privacy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulatory compliance features, and more.

It also includes natively designed interaction management, workforce optimization, interactive voice response (IVR), and digital self-service.

"With every release, we further enhance Aspect Via by not only offering features that cater to perfecting the omnichannel experience, but also by continually improving the operational ease for managing automated and agent-assisted interactions, optimizing the workforce, measuring the service experience, and streamlining our own customers' user experience," said Mike Bourke, senior vice president of product management at Aspect Software, in a statement. "Aspect has developers, solution architects and product development specialists around the world hyper-focused on building the most intelligent, extensible, and easy-to-use customer engagement platform on the market. We believe we've accomplished that goal and more."

Aspect Via 18.1 allows users to build, test, and deploy natural-language understanding (NLU) chatbots using the full power of CX scripting logic. Companies can offload repetitive questions that agents typically handle using intelligent webchat dialogues with the option to transfer to an agent.

The software also offers improved linkage between quality management and performance management to improve the coaching workflow, interaction scoring, and employee evaluations. It features 508 compliance updates as well as GDPR information mapping, documentation, and data protection audit support.