Aspect Opens NLU Lab for Chatbots

Aspect Software, a provider of consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and self-service solutions, has launched the Aspect NLU Lab, a portal devoted to the advancement of chatbot applications.

The aim of Aspect's NLU Lab is to become a destination for sharing knowledge, best practices, and experiences, as well as assisting companies with the conceptualization and development and deployment of chatbots.

"The Aspect Consumer Experience Index found that 65 percent of consumers said that they feel good about both the brand and themselves when they can resolve issues on their own without having to speak to a live person. Chatbots enable just that," said Tobias Goebel, director of emerging technologies at Aspect Software, in a statement. "Using natural language understanding (NLU) as the intelligence behind chatbot creation removes the frustration of rigid, automated interactions, speeds up the resolution of customer service issues through conversational exchanges, and gives companies an affordable way to deliver a great customer experience. Ordinary life administration activities like rescheduling doctor appointments using hard-to-follow IVRs often result in long wait times and create frustration. Chatbots eliminate these annoyances and help consumers accomplish everyday tasks effectively and effortlessly."

The Aspect NLU Lab provides a broad selection of resources for businesses interested in deploying their own chatbot applications. These include design templates, guidelines, technical overviews, and more. In addition, the Aspect NLU Lab is supported by an active team of Aspect's NLU and self-service experts.

"By using a conversational chatbot, consumers can engage with businesses in a way that is easy and convenient for them while saving the company money. We are still early with the emergence of bots for customer care, so we launched the Aspect NLU Lab to help further the industry and openly share what we've learned from our own projects," Goebel said. "We want everyone to understand the power and the potential of this new customer service tool."