Aspect Launches CXP 18

Aspect Software, a provider of consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and self-service solutions, today released Aspect CXP 18, which includes enhanced features for chatbot developers to create dynamic self-service applications across interactive voice response (IVR) and digital self-service channels.

"As the availability of chatbots and consumer comfort with them has grown, our customers are finding new and unique ways to integrate a chatbot into their customer support operations," said Andreas Volmer, director of product management at Aspect Software, in a statement. "We've designed CXP 18 with the developer in mind. We want it to be easy for our customers to design, implement, and deploy both basic and quite complex digital assistants. We are confident that these new digital customer service team members will help companies provide better customer and agent experiences while lowering the overall cost of operating a contact center."

Key enhancements to CXP 18 include the following:

  • New dialog simulator for chatbot testing; and
  • Support for the JAWS screen reader.

Key CXP enhancements to Via 18 include:

  • Secure interactive voice response (IVR) for secure payment processing. When an agent needs to take secure information, the call goes to the IVR to process the sensitive data and the call recording is stopped. Once the information is secured the call can be passed back to the agent.
  • Built-in support for orchestrating and analyzing utterance recordings as a tool for speech recognition tuning needed to analyze speech recognition results. Utterance recordings analysis helps developers catch false positive recognition, false negatives, and to fine-tune the content of voice grammars as well as VXML tuning properties.
  • Context Cookie API to track small data bits.

"As more consumers opt for a digital-first, self-service customer experience, providing a multimodal approach is paramount for companies striving to provide successful customer journeys," said Cobus Greyling, technical product manager at Occular Technologies, in a statement. "Aspect CXP empowers developers to deploy a single solution to speech, web, and text interfaces as well as virtual assistants and chatbots. And when you factor in Aspect Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is already baked into the solution, CXP becomes a very powerful tool today and into the future."