Aria Releases Visualizer 1.7

Aria Solutions, a contact center solutions provider, has released Visualizer 1.7, an analytics application that can now analyze Genesys SIP Server messaging and detailed block-by-block interaction flows to present a view of all customer interaction data.

Aria designed Visualizer to query interaction event data using its patented technology.

"It is a major product enhancement that has been highly requested by many of our customers," said Ron Owens, senior vice president of products at Aria Solutions, in a statement. "With Visualizer's 1.7 version, Aria was able to deliver these capabilities and make Visualizer a centralized application for all contact center analysis and troubleshooting."

Visualizer 1.7 now provides an iinteractive interface that presents step-by-step routing and drills down without parsing through text log files. The detailed input and outputs from each of these steps is captured for increased analysis when considering routing logic.It presents the standard SIP ladder diagram for every SIP-based interaction tracked without any impact to quality of service.