Anexinet Releases ListenLogic 3.0

Anexinet, a provider of digital business solutions, has released ListenLogic 3.0 with more than 20 enhancements to more efficiently gather data across contact center records, social media posts, email conversations, and marketing surveys and automatically return business insights.

Significant improvements include new artificial intelligence (AI) and ensemble machine learning methods, self-service filtering language, a classification engine, and advanced natural language processing (NLP) to analyze unstructured data.

"Modern omnichannel insights frame how organizations transform themselves by listening to every customer interaction," said Mark Langsfeld, vice president of analytics solutions at Anexinet, in a statement. "Anexinet brings the experience and solutions that ensures omnichannel insights grow sales, reduce customer churn, ensure compliance and drive contact center efficiency."

ListenLogic 3.0's new features include the following:

  • Advanced topic extraction using artificial intelligence and machine learning, natural language processing, and regex classifiers to identify topics across all data sources;
  • Sentiment analysis and entity recognition using proprietary and open-source algorithms to understand the overall sentiment and label data by types, such as person, organization, location, events, and products;
  • Pre-configured industry dashboards and classifier libraries that address the most common uses cases for sales, churn, and compliance;
  • Data connectors to a variety of data sources and destinations;
  • On-premises or cloud deployment leveraging proprietary data redaction that removes personally identifiable information for added security; and
  • Self-service or fully managed deployment models.

ListenLogic also integrates third-party voice-to-text, optical character recognition, and other transcription services to transform these datasets into actionable customer insights.