Ameyo Scores Customer Win with Contact Center Solution for Visually Impaired Employees

Contact center technology provider, Ameyo, announced a contact center implementation for the visually impaired workforce for Vindhya E-Infomedia Private Ltd., an IT provider based in Bangalore, India.

The professional services team at Vindhya E-Infomedia worked collaboratively to craft solutions that address unique business requirements, and ensures that the solution provided is seamlessly integrated with the business process.

Vindhya E-Infomedia’s service portfolio includes contact center solutions, data processing, data conversion, data entry and document management. Vindhya is one of the first BPOs who are committed to employing differently-abled people---90 percent of Vindhya's employees are differently-abled and qualified.  

Since Vindhya E-Infomedia has more than two-thirds of their workforce differently-abled and challenged, they needed a solution that could empower the workforce to perform call center activities seamlessly. Vindhya implemented Ameyo because of the technology's predictive and blending capability, OPEX licenses, scalability that allows Vindhya to scale up and down resources as required, and flexibility to add licenses on the fly.

Ameyo currently powers both inbound and outbound calling processes of Vindhya E-Infomedia. Inbound calling campaigns essentially operates for customer support and response management operations. Outbound calling powered by Ameyo predictive dialer, primarily functions sales retention and customer lifecycle management services.

Under sales retention services, a dedicated customer relationship officer is empowered with customer intent and campaign information to deliver dedicated retention programs to customers. This has dramatically improved retention rates by over 150 percent. This system is tightly integrated with client's CRM to seamlessly transfer data and call dispositions sans human intervention.

Customer lifecycle management mainly addresses collections and payment reminders to notify customers who are approaching or exceeding spending limits and remind them of upcoming payment due dates. This helped in reducing churn rates while improving customer satisfaction and retention scores.

"Ameyo technology is clearly best-in-class and offers cost savings, operational efficiencies and visibility into contact center operations,” said Suresh Sampath, head of operations, Vindhya E-Infomedia, in a statement. Vindhya E-Infomedia strives to bring not only superior quality services to our clients, but also to offer the best customer service possible.”

Ameyo is seamlessly integrated with JAWS (Job Access With Speech) assistive technology, the world's most popular screen recording software that enables people with vision loss to independently use a computer with keyboard, speech or Braille display. With JAWS reading out customer field and call disposition, the agents are now able to navigate themselves through the calling process. To ease calling functions, key prompts have been embedded in the system for functions like 'H' for Hold, 'T' for Transfer, etc.

“We now have the flexibility to scale staff numbers during busy periods and add licenses on the fly,” Sampath said. “With Ameyo our agency occupancy rates have achieved 75 percent and retention rates have increased by over 150 percent. All this is achieved with practically zero downtime. Change requests are managed extremely well."