Agile CRM Launches Personalized Web Engagement Solution

Agile CRM, a subscription-based SaaS product that went into open beta in March 2014, announces the release of a new Web Grabbers feature.

Web Grabbers enables users to set up customized pop-ups or stickies based on user behavior on their site or app. After creating a Agile account, users simply add a small amount of code to their Web site, then select from templates highlighting the latest in web design and define rules for the pop-ups using simple drop-down menus.

The Web Grabbers can be set according to cart, page or site abandonment or exit intent, or to the time a user spends on a particular page. The pop-ups and stickies increase web engagement of both new users and existing contacts, as they can be personalized for known contacts using merge fields. The Web Grabbers include forms that allow for instant contact creation in the CRM.

"Our beta customers have been especially fond of Agile’s marketing automation features," says Agile CRM founder Manohar Chapalamadugu, in a statement. "The new Web grabbers feature makes it easy for SMBs to engage users based on real-time behavior."