Adtance Launches Customer Service Solution for Microsoft Teams

Adtance, an after-sales service technology platform provider for manufacturers, industrial companies and mechanical engineering organizations, has integrated its Smart Services with Microsoft Teams, providing a comprehensive solution for industrial customer service. Teams users can leverage Smart Services for digitizing the entire customer service lifecycle, including live remote customer support, ticketing, document management, workflow and predictive maintenance.

"Many manufacturing, engineering, and industrial organizations already use Microsoft Teams for video conferencing, team chats, and sharing documents," said Nils Arnold, CEO and co-founder of Adtance, in a statement. "Having the Adtance customer service functionality within the same application that is already part of users' everyday workflows can increase work efficiency and improve customer service."

"Microsoft Teams enables users around the world to collaborate with no limits in time and space," said Marie Therese Fontaine, Microsoft Teams business lead at Microsoft Germany, in a statement. "Adtance Smart Services extends Teams with a comprehensive range of customer service and collaboration capabilities for industrial organizations. Manufacturers and engineering companies with locations across the globe have the convenience of using a single, robust solution for both team collaboration and customer service."

The Adtance Smart Services solution is available as an installable application through Microsoft App Source. Users can login with their Teams credentials to use Adtance Smart Services, which includes the new Adtance Support and Fieldstreaming solution, live remote video support software capable of connecting smart glasses with every type of camera to the system.

Adtance Smart Services integrated into Teams includes the following:

  • Adtance Support, which enables live remote support, inspection, and maintenance with devices like smart glasses and multi-camera fieldstreaming;
  • Adtance Workflow, which digitizes, analyzes, and optimizes all workflows;
  • Adtance Process Visualization and Monitoring (PVM), which monitors the performance of individual machines and plants;
  • Adtance Predictive Maintenance (PM), which analyzes and evaluates operational data in real time through the continuous monitoring of machines or the entire production plant;
  • Adtance Ticketing, which standardizes entire customer service channels into one system, including email, telephone, SMS, and social media;
  • Adtance Document Management (DM), which stores all customer service documents centrally and controls access rights; and
  • Adtance Parts, a central catalogue system for spare part information.