Ada Launches Customer Service AI Agent

Ada, a customer service automation platform provider, has launched AI Agent powered by the Ada Reasoning Engine.

The Reasoning Engine gives personalized AI agents problem-solving skills and action-oriented capabilities that enable them to resolve even the most complex inquiries.

"The future is AI that can reason," said Mike Murchison, CEO and co-founder of Ada, in a statement. "The AI Agent not only understands what the customer is asking, it figures out the solution path. AI is now capable of breaking down problems into component parts just like our brains do. For every customer inquiry, the AI Agent can reason the next-best step and maximize resolution rather than relying on a prescribed workflow. Already, Ada's AI Agent is starting to power experiences that are meeting and in some cases exceeding human capability."

Ada's AI Agent delivers mindful responses by reasoning through complex inquiries and collaborating with customers to provide the best resolution possible. And the AI Agent is highly coachable.

Ada's AI Agent has the following capabilities:

  • Knowledge Integration, syncing with systems like Zendesk, for example, and retrieving information from thousands of articles, PDFs, web pages, and knowledge bases;
  • Generative Actions (the ability to take action on behalf of the customer);
  • Reasoning Log (the ability to look back and see how the Resolution Engine reasoned what to do next);
  • Guidance (telling AI how to do something specific);
  • Automated Resolution Insights (the rate at which the AI Agent is resolving issues without having to escalate to a human).
  • The ability to follow company policies and guidelines;
  • The ability to communicate in any channel, in any language, at any time; and
  • The ability to find the best person in the organization to help with a specialized issue.