Ada Launches CSAT Pro to Help Companies Understand and Optimize Chat Interactions

To help companies deal with the high volumes of inquiries during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ada today launched CSAT Pro, a configurable toolkit that measures customer satisfaction and provides actionable solutions in real time. CSAT Pro will enable companies to evaluate and improve the satisfaction of every automated conversation while reducing costs.

A recent report by Forrester Research found that "many organizations are feeling stuck as they attempt to create satisfied customers in the face of soaring inquiries and cost concerns. This volume has more than quadrupled during COVID-19 for some of our clients," said Mike Murchison, CEO and co-founder of Ada, in a statement. "We're launching CSAT Pro to take direct aim at this challenge by monitoring sentiment in the moment and prescribing personalized actions to improve satisfaction immediately, which is invaluable during times of high stress like today. This is an important step in our journey to help customers achieve the holy grail of lower costs and higher customer satisfaction at scale through the power of automation."

Ada's AI-enabled chatbots use a proprietary natural language understanding engine to comprehend the meaning and context of conversations. With CSAT Pro, companies can harness this technology to ascertain the effectiveness of their customer service in any interaction and improve the conversation.

Features of CSAT Pro include the following:

  • Rescue a Chatter: If chats aren't going well, companies can automatically change their approach or connect to a live agent;
  • Identify Improvement Areas: Uncover worst tendencies to resolve them;
  • CSAT Analytics: Monitor CSAT trends over time and compare scores among user segments;
  • CSAT Explorer: Audit individual CSAT responses for additional insights on unique cases; and
  • CSAT Segmentation: Personalize customer service through historical customer satisfaction scores by giving most satisfied customers even better service and approach frustrated ones with more conciliatory content.