Acqueon Launches Acqueon Desktop and Acqueon Analytics

Acqueon, an artificial intelligence-based conversational engagement software company, today introduced Acqueon Desktop and Acqueon Analytics, two new modules of its Conversational Engagement suite for Amazon Connect. These additions build on the relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) established after the launch of Acqueon Engagement predictive dialing and omnichannel campaign management solution for Amazon Connect in 2018.

Acqueon Desktop offers CRM and vertical applications connectors that run on the user desktop inside the application itself, as a companion to Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel, or in a custom desktop. Acqueon Desktop features a server-based, publisher-subscriber model allowing multiple enterprise applications and contact center platforms to share the same data. It facilitates migration to the cloud by insulating agent desktops from underlying changes.

Acqueon Analytics provides contact center key performance indicators (KPIs). It leverages industry best practices to provide insights into inbound and outbound customer interactions.

"This is an important milestone in our relationship with Amazon Connect," said Ashish Koul, Acqueon's CEO, in a statement. "Amazon Connect customers can now leverage our full Conversational Engagement suite."

Acqueon Desktop for Amazon Connect is available immediately and Acqueon Analytics for Amazon Connect is available for beta testing.