AVOXI Adds SMS Messaging Feature to Call Center Software

With quick and seamless messaging becoming more and more essential in the modern business world, AVOXI is excited to announce the launch of an SMS messaging product, AVOXI Alerts.

AVOXI Alerts is an easy-to-use alerting product that complements AVOXI's virtual call center software, Smart QUEUE. By providing another channel of communications, AVOXI Alerts expands the flexibility contact centers can have to improve their customer service.

This online product was created with mass communications in mind. With AVOXI Alerts, all you have to do is upload or choose a list of customers, apply a template and then click send. So whether you're reminding customers about an upcoming bill cycle or you're informing them of new service hours, you'll be able to customize your messaging for the specific customers you need to reach.

“AVOXI Alerts is a real game changer for our clients that are looking for a fast and easy way to communicate with their customers," said Steve Youngblood, AVOXI's product manager, in a statement. "It allows them to send alerts via SMS to as many of their customers as required to almost anywhere in the world."