ASAPP Launches GenerativeAgent

ASAPP, a provider of generative artificial intelligence for contact centers, today introduced GenerativeAgent, providing next-generation interactive voice response and digital experiences to handle complex, free-form interactions. GenerativeAgent integrates natively into existing IVR, messaging, and telephony systems.

"People dislike interacting with robotic and clunky automated experiences. For decades, companies have had to manually create and manage complex logic trees to attempt to automate dialogues that often create frustrating customer experiences. Our new GenerativeAgent removes all of the conversation design effort while simultaneously providing a much more robust and delightful system for customers," said Gustavo Sapoznik, founder and CEO of ASAPP, in a statement.

GenerativeAgent autonomously knows which back-end system to ping during customer conversations. It can be plugged into existing IVRs as an escalation path between the current IVR flows and agents or handle the full end-to-end IVR. GenerativeAgent builds on ASAPP's AutoTranscribe, leveraging automatic speech recognition accuracy to ensure that customers are understood and key entities are recognized.