8x8 Offers Contact Centers New Integrations for Salesforce AppExchange

8x8, a provider of cloud-based unified communications and contact center solutions, announced it has two new product integrations based on the Salesforce1 Platform.

Since its original listing on the AppExchange in 2008, 8x8 has enabled thousands of Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud customers to improve operational efficiencies, build more effective sales organizations, and optimize customer engagements with its integrated Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center solutions.

An ISVforce partner, 8x8’s latest Virtual Office and Virtual Contact Center AppExchange integrations are built on the Salesforce1 Platform utilizing Salesforce’s OpenCTI toolkit. These integrations fit seamlessly into users’ Salesforce environments with screen pops of Salesforce contacts, click-to-dial from within the Salesforce application and new functionality that automatically logs call activity into the Salesforce application, enabling customers to gather call metrics directly from the Salesforce reporting engine.

“Salesforce remains at the top of the list of the most requested business applications our enterprise customers are looking to integrate their unified communications and contact center capabilities with, and we are pleased to now have the opportunity to work together with Salesforce as an ISVforce partner,” said 8x8 CEO Vik Verma, in a statement. “8x8’s industry-leading cloud telephony, conferencing, contact center and analytics solutions give businesses the tools and insights they need to maximize productivity and growth and our seamless, out-of-the box integration with Salesforce is a key component of our value proposition.”

With 8x8’s integrated cloud communications offerings, Salesforce customers can:

  • Automatically sync inbound customer calls with customer information to instantly display caller’s details and previous contact history via screen pops.
  • Auto log information from customer interactions, including notes, to the customer record.
  • Log received and missed calls into Salesforce.
  • Work seamlessly with other 8x8 phone service features inside the Salesforce console.
  • Control calls from the desktop, including transfer, mute, conferencing and more.
  • Use analytics to track sales performance against sales behavior.
  • Record calls for employee evaluation and training.
  • Easily conduct audio and video meetings.
  • Pull in expert resources and use screen sharing to close the sale.