8x8 Launches Rapid Expansion Program for Remote Workers

8x8, an integrated cloud communications platform provider, has launched the 8x8 Rapid Expansion Program to help companies during challenging times, especially when required to suddenly increase their remote workforces.

This program allows organizations to extend their cloud communications and collaboration solutions to employees who rely on desk phones in the office and are now being asked to work from home. It provides remote employees with new dedicated phone numbers associated with their original business lines.

By using a single application for mobile and desktop devices, this provides workers with location-independent access to voice, unlimited video conferencing, and chat.

"Organizations of every type and size are being pushed into remote work with limited notice, and unfortunately only a fraction are ready or enabled to meet this challenge," said Vik Verma, CEO of 8x8, in a statement. "By offering our customers a way to quickly enhance their current communications capabilities and capacity, 8x8 is ensuring organizations around the world can operate with minimal business disruption while preserving the safety and productivity of their employees wherever they work."