8x8 Launches Managed Technical Services

8x8, a cloud provider of voice, video, chat, and contact center solutions, has launched 8x8 Managed Technical Services, a fully managed service for network optimization that combines SD-WAN and new 8x8 premium customer support to improve the performance of customers' existing networks.

P>8x8 Managed Technical Services addresses network issues by providing instant visibility into network traffic and automatically optimizing traffic flows to deliver optimum application performance.

"All networks are not created equal, and network inefficiencies can cause real-time traffic like voice and video to be choppy and unintelligible. With 8x8 Managed Technical Services, businesses get an optimized network, as well as insights into issues on their networks, to transport their cloud-delivered 8x8 voice, video, chat, and contact center services," said Dejan Deklich, chief product officer at 8x8, in a statement. "In today's accelerated, 24/7 pace of business, no company can afford to be hampered by their network, especially when it comes to applications critical to their daily operations. 8x8 Managed Technical Services provides IT with an easy, reliable solution and one less headache."