8x8 Enhances Cloud Contact Center and Unified Communications Platforms and Extends Global Reach

8x8, a cloud contact center and unified communications platform provider, has enhanced the 8x8 XCaaS(eXperience Communications as a Service) cloud platform, including improvements to 8x8 Supervisor Workspace, contact center analytics tools, agent performance tracking capabilities, and streamlined customer journey mapping.

The 8x8 XCaaS platform Global Reach capabilities were also extended to include South Korea. 8x8 now offers full cloud public switched telephone network (PSTN) support for multinational organizations with users in 59 countries around the world, offering local direct numbers, toll-free numbers, and calling plans in addition to support for local emergency services.

New updates for 8x8 Contact Center include the 8x8 Supervisor Workspace, a purpose-built experience that blends analytics, performance management, and team admin capabilities into a single interface with embedded trend analysis; personalized environments; a more user-friendly design; full support for hybrid contact centers, customizable reports with new metrics for the agent performance real-time widget; deeper integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365; and increased 8x8 IVR Callback time from six to 72 hours.

Updates for 8x8 Unified Communications include the following:

  • 8x8 Admin Console improvements, with a French language version, an updated storage policy interface , and the ability for system administrators to update Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) challenge frequency for all users.
  • Improvements to the 8x8 Work desktop, mobile, and web experience, include a loading icon alert when answering or declining a call, deactivation of the Merge call button when a user is on a call and there are no other active or on-hold calls, dedicated avatar icons for Auto Attendants, Ring Groups, and Call Queues, call logs for Ring Groups displaying information based on what is selected by the admin, further accessibility for group messaging, and improved contact cards for users with 8x8 Work and 8x8 Contact Center licenses.
  • 8x8 Web Dialer Chrome Extension that automatically highlights most phone numbers in a web browser for the user to dial directly from any web page or send SMS.
  • 8x8 Work for Web Click-to-Call in the web browser.

Enhancements to 8x8 CPaaS communications APIs include the following:

  • 8x8 Connect Automated Data Center Region Detection, which automatically determines the best data center to process and store data with a lower latency. Alternatively, users can manually select the data center region that aligns most effectively with their business needs and eliminates the need for support tickets to switch data center regions.
  • Updated WhatsApp Templates.

"Regardless of where you're located in the world or which department you sit in within an organization, having technology that enables consistent experiences is a must," said Hunter Middleton, chief product officer at 8x8, in a statement. "We provide the solutions that organizations need to provide seamless, tailored experiences for their customers and employees. Our continued focus on innovation and advancing the 8x8 XCaaS platform demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the resources and tools they need."

8x8 XCaaS includes integrated cloud contact center, business phone, video meetings, team chat, and SMS capabilities in a single-vendor solution.