3CLogic Launches COVID-19 Rapid Response Program for ServiceNow

3CLogic, a provider of cloud contact center solutions, today released its COVID-19 Rapid Response Program for ServiceNow's IT, Customer, and Employee workflow solutions.

As part of the program, 3CLogic will offer its certified ServiceNow Cloud Contact Center solution for employee support and customer services call centers. It includes the following:

  • The ability for agents to work from home by complementing ServiceNow's existing digital channels with integrated computer/telephony integration and voice integration;
  • The ability to dynamically route calls to the most qualified agent, regardless of where they reside, with 3CLogic's embedded IVR Call Flow Designer for ServiceNow based on ServiceNow customer data;
  • ServiceNow click-to-call, screen-pops, automated posting of call recordings to ServiceNow records, text-to-speech capabilities, and more; and
  • Access to real-time and ServiceNow integrated reports and wallboards to help supervisors manage remote teams.

"As you might imagine, calls into customer service teams have risen sharply due to the pandemic. In times like these organizations need their agents to be reachable, engaged, and productive," said Matt Dukin, global vice president of sales at 3CLogic, in a statement. "We are happy to offer this Rapid Response program to help enterprises and their employees adapt to the sudden need to be able to work from home."