3CLogic Integrates with ServiceNow Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management

3CLogic, providers of voice-enabling and cloud contact center solutions for ServiceNow, has integrated its voice and SMS features and capabilities with ServiceNow's Healthcare and Life Sciences Service Management offering.

"Voice continues to be the primary and preferred method of communication today," said Denis Seynhaeve, CEO of 3CLogic, in a statement. "While digital channels, such as chat or chatbots, are effective at deflecting simple requests, voice remains the better suited channel for handling the types of complex, sensitive, and urgent inquiries typical of the healthcare industry."

With the 3CLogic integration for ServiceNow HCLS Service Management, health and life sciences organizations can eliminate agent switching between channels and platforms, eliminate manual work and tasks through automation and self-service, enable patient care administrators to create and change dynamic patient call experiences, and deliver richer analytics with integrated reporting and AI sentiment scoring, all from the ServiceNow platform.

As part of its ServiceNow integration, the 3CLogic solution will include the following:

  • Integrated ServiceNow Agent CTI and Omnichannel experience, allowing agents to manage both digital and voice interactions with patients or practitioners from ServiceNow's Agent Workspace with presence-based channel routing, intelligent screen-pop, integrated click-to-call or click-to-SMS, and automated activity postings.
  • ServiceNow Voice and SMS Self-Service, with integrated text-to-speech, speech-to-text, natural language processing, one-way and two-way SMS, and dynamic interactive voice response call workflows to create and manage intelligent self-service experiences.
  • Intelligent Patient Call Routing, to dynamically route patients to the most qualified live healthcare agent via phone or SMS based on ServiceNow data.
  • ServiceNow Integrated Reporting and AI-powered Analytics, with rich interaction data, including call transcripts and machine learning-based sentiment scoring, integrated with ServiceNow's Performance Analytics and workforce optimization features.

"Our goal is to improve the patient experience by extending the ServiceNow platform and workflows to guarantee the same level of service and care when someone calls as would be the case if they simply sent an email or chat," Seynhaeve said.