3CLogic Enhances Its IVR Engine

3CLogic, a provider of cloud-based call center software, today unveiled several new advanced features and functionality to its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) engine, digital communication channels (email, chat), and more. The updates are designed to offer users greater control and flexibility within the call center and enhance performance insights across all channels, while streamlining back-end business processes.

"The call center continues to be the frontline to every organization. Be it sales, marketing, or customer support, call centers are increasingly in need of tools and features that offer the flexibility and convenience to quickly adapt to changes in consumer demand and expectations," said Raj Sharma, president and chief operations officer at 3CLogic, in a statement. "3CLogic's recent release is designed to put more power and freedom into the hands of the end-user, while still delivering the advanced features and functionality required to run an effective operation. With it, call centers will have the capacity to improve first call resolutions, customer satisfaction, agent retention, and overall performance."

Included in the latest release are the following:

  • Intuitive and enhanced drag-and-drop IVR designer for both inbound and outbound calls with advanced graphical interface;
  • Ability to trigger multi-action workflows within the IVR designer;
  • Dynamic do-no-call list capabilities for enhanced adherence to Telephone Consumer Privacy Act (TCPA) regulations from within the IVR;
  • Ability to create secure links to on-premises databases within the IVR;
  • Enhanced multichannel (voice, email, chat) reporting and supervisor dashboards;
  • Ability to trigger multi-action workflows within an intelligent email routing platform; and
  • Enhanced self-service spam blocking.