3CLogic Adds AI-Driven Automation

3CLogic, a provider of cloud call center software, today announced its latest release leveraging artificial intelligence to help streamline and automate customer service initiatives and processes.

The release, focused primarily on chat-enabled bots, is the first in a series of planned AI suites using Amazon Lex and Polly. It will include the following:

  • Natural language understanding to recognize the intent of text;
  • Multi-turn conversations to gather required customer data once an intent has been identified; and
  • Utility prompts to help confirm the successful completion of a task or request additional clarification regarding any provided data from the customer.

"Enabling enterprises to achieve competing metrics to deliver a great customer experience while managing costs is now possible through AI-enabled chat bots, which provide rich human-like conversational experiences coupled with automation," said 3CLogic's chief technology officer, Vikas Nehru, in a statement. "Applying such cognitive solutions within customer service holds immense promise and will continue to be an area of focus as we look to other channels to enable similar enhancements."