3C Logic Bulks Up Software to Help Contact Center Meet New TCPA Regulations

3C Logic, a provider of blended cloud contact center solutions, has released enhanced version of its Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) compliant platform in response to the latest updates to TCPA regulations.

The monetary consequences for violating TCPA regulations can be significant, ranging between $500-$1500 per instance, depending on the extent of the violation. With the new enhancements, 3CLogic’s customers can be assured that they remain within the guidelines of the newest TCPA regulations while still benefiting from all the features a cloud contact center solution provides.

While TCPA Regulations have long governed the manner in which consumers may be contacted, recent updates have extended the scope to prevent businesses from using advanced dialer solutions to contact individuals unless “prior expressed consent” has been given. To ensure compliance, 3CLogic’s TCPA-friendly solution allows businesses to distinguish call campaigns between TCPA and non-TCPA projects.

Solution highlights include:

  • Supervisors and agents can seamlessly transfer between TCPA and non-TCPA enabled projects.
  • When working with TCPA enabled projects, outbound calls, including manual calling within the dialer, are prohibited but still display lead information for easy agent reference.
  • Inbound calls can still be received regardless of the type of project an agent is assigned.
  • To ensure TCPA compliance, call handling features are restricted to the following categories – save, schedule, result code, and finalize.
  • 3CLogic’s reporting framework, Athena, can still capture result codes for leads in TCPA-enabled projects for further analysis and reporting.

“While automatic telephony dialing systems still play a big role in both sales and customer service, the need to recognize and adapt to new TCPA policies is no less important,” said Robert Killory, chief customer officer, 3CLogic. “This is why we created a platform to help facilitate our customers’ ability to remain compliant while still providing a leading contact center solution to meet the communication demands of today’s consumer.”