Smart Customer Service 2019 Presentations

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Opening Keynote: Algorithms in, Humans out?
Keynote - How Companies are Partnering with Conversational Machines
A101: People-Centric: 5 Case Studies in Digital Transformation
Geoff Ables - A101_Ables.pdf
A102: The Human Brand: A New Way to Measure Customer Experience & Its Financial Impact: A Case Study
Chris Malone - A102_Malone.pdf
Keynote Lunch - The Future is Conversational, Omnichannel, and in the Cloud
A103: 15 Practical Ways to Improve Your Customer Listening
Martha Brooke - A103_Brooke.pdf
A104: Expert Perspectives: Zendesk and Freshworks Inc.
A105: Improving Customer Service by not Focusing on Customer Service
A106: Engage! A Tactical Approach to Quality Customer Service
Susan Gorveatte - A106_Gorveatte.ppt

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Breakfast with the Influencers
Keynote - Digital Transformation: Driving CX Excellence
Keynote - Breaking barriers with an integrated software suite
A201: Are You Running Your Contact Center on Fake News?
Robert Lamb - A201_Lamb.pdf
A202: Awesome Customer Service Lessons Using Social Media: A National Bank of Canada Case Study
Jasmin & Guay - A202_Jasmin.pdf
Alexandre Guay - A202_Guay.pptx
Keynote Lunch - The Intelligent Contact Center
A203: Transforming Your Call Center From a Customer Service Model Into a Customer Ascension Model (for Profit & Purpose)
Andrea Wenburg - A203_Wenburg.pptx
A204: Expert Perspectives: SAP and TeamSupport
A205: Community Care & Engagement— Connect, Feedback, and Interact: A Case Study

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

A301: How to Write Like a Human in an Age of Speed
O'Flahavan & Toister - A301_OFlahavan.pptx
A302: Purple Goldfish: Little Things Make the Biggest Difference
Stan Phelps - A302_Phelps.pdf
Closing Keynote - Analytics: The Executive Briefing
Geoff Ables - 1145_Ables.pdf
Planning for CRM Success
Creating Customer Personas & Journey Maps
Leveraging Best Practices and Technology Leadership in Digital Transformation to Shape and Enrich Digital Experiences Locally
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