Smart Customer Service 2020
Call for Speakers

Deadline for submissions extended to Friday, October 18, 2019 is accepting speaking proposals for the Smart Customer Service Conference 2020. We invite customer care practitioners, authors, analysts and consultants to share their experiences, expertise, case study, or best practices.

Speaking at the leading customer service conference comes with benefits.

  1. Share your story from the stage to build the community and advance customer care practices
  2. Receive a complimentary full-access pass to all 4 co-hosted Customer Experience conferences
  3. Learn and network from other successful peers and industry leaders
  4. Get exposure at the leading customer service event and on the event website

Topics of Interest

Our attendees are seeking innovative real-world strategies and ideas to provide stellar customer service experiences in an increasingly multichannel, digital and mobile world. Specific areas of interest include:

  1. Data, Analytics, Big Data, Metrics and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Customer Engagement and Experience
  3. Customer Care Planning, Process and Operations
  4. Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Strategies
  5. Technology, Virtual Reality and Digital Workplace
  6. People and Culture

Presentation Formats

Choose the format that best fits the material you submit.

  1. Case Study: Our audience loves real world examples told firsthand by customer care practitioners – if you have a story to share we want to give you the platform to share it. Present a real-world case study including the problem/goal, important elements of your journey, ROI or other results, and lessons learned.

  2. Expert Perspective: Analysts, authors and consultants with extensive experience in customer service technology, channels, strategy, culture change or implementation are welcome. We are seeking thought leadership from objective practitioners.

  3. Panel Discussion: We consider panel proposals with a mix of analysts, consultants, vendors (including vendor-only panels) and customer care project leaders.

  4. Workshop: The final day of the conference will include 3 hour workshops. These are in-depth, interactive and address a specific need. You will have an opportunity to contact session attendees pre-conference to help guide your workshop.

Note to Vendors

Smart Customer Service Conference 2020 is not accepting proposals for solo presentations from software or hardware vendors. But there are multiple ways for you to be involved:

  1. Work with your clients to propose a case study. Case studies presented by client companies are highly desirable. We encourage you to pitch your best customers as speakers. Your client must deliver the full 45-minute presentation, but they are free to talk about all aspects of their projects – including your solution.

  2. Propose a vendor panel. This is a great opportunity for vendor representatives to participate in a general session. However, vendors must be willing to share the stage with other vendors. These panel proposals must include high-level representatives (and their contact info) from three to four different vendors. If you are submitting a vendor-only panel presentation, please propose a topic and be sure each panelist has agreed to participate before submitting your proposal.

  3. Sponsor the Show: Sponsors have many opportunities to engage with our audience from the stage to the expo floor. Click here to learn more about sponsorship.

10 Tips to Getting Your Proposal Accepted

  1. Outline succinctly what someone will learn from your presentation. List 3 key points the presentation will cover.
  2. Provide as many details as possible. Attendees seek specific information.
  3. Be practical. We are seeking practical advice from working experts.
  4. Base your proposal on any of the suggested topics above.
  5. Offer a case study based on real-world experience, if you are a consultant, suggest a customer as a co-presenter.
  6. Describe a specific solution to a common problem.
  7. Put in plain words the practical, business-world implications of your research.
  8. Explain how to do something or how to implement a service or a technology.
  9. Write your proposal title and abstract in a way that will make a conference attendee want to register for the conference to hear your presentation! Please keep abstracts to 150 words or less.
  10. Make sure to include your key take-a-way in the space provided.

Submit your speaking proposal here

We look forward to your proposals and hope to see you in Washington D.C.

Geoff Ables
Managing Partner
C5 Insight
Smart Customer Service Conference Chair

Bob Fernekees
VP/Group Publisher

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Speech Technology magazine |  

Conference Program Director
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