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Jim Sinur is an independent thought leader in applying Digital Business Platforms (DBP), Customer Experience/Journeys (CJM), Business Process Management (BPM), Automation (RPA), Low-code and Decision Management at the edge. His research and areas of personal experience focus on automation and customer excellence, intelligent business processes, business modeling, business process management technologies, process collaboration for knowledge workers, process intelligence/optimization, AI, IoT and leveraging business applications in processes.

Before becoming Independent, he worked at Gartner for almost 20Years, where he covered Process, Early Low Code, Early RPA and AI. Before Gartner, he was a Director of Worldwide Technologies for American Express where he directed large scale process, application and database implementations. Prior to AMEX, Jim worked at the Northwestern Financial Network implementing knowledge-intensive workbenches and large applications. He started his IT career at Wehr steel, implementing various applications.

Jim is also one of the authors of BPM: The Next Wave. His latest book is Digital Transformation. Innovate or Die Slowly. Jim is also a well know digital and traditional artist.

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