Brandie Beane

Can Do Customer

Brandie Beane is a US Navy Veteran that is obsessed with customer service. The roots of her customer-experience passion began in 2006 at one of the nation's largest grocers very early in her career. She was adept at assessing a customer's needs and providing an exemplary experience based on each individual customer.

In the Navy, Brandie belonged to an elite group known as the Seabees. It was during her service with the Seabees that she learned the CAN DO attitude: regardless of what the mission called for it was imperative to have the CAN DO attitude to engage for success.

After 7 years of military service, Brandie entered the corporate world, in a key role at the leader of Net Promoter Score (NPS), USAA. It was USAA that helped her realize that the CAN DO attitude is a critical and necessary accompaniment to customer service.

Brandie partnered with expert Belinda Goodrich, the leader in Project and Change Management training as the Director of Client Experience. She has had the privilege of engaging multiple organizations on the concept of CAN DO customer service:  helping organizations reamp their customer service programs by putting Service back into Customer Service.

As part of the National Speakers Association and through her keynote presentations and workshops, Brandie brings a powerful message of how every business can have CAN DO Customer Service.

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