Making the Transition from Multichannel to Omnichannel Customer Service


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 26, 2017 - 11:00AM PT / 2:00PM ET

The challenges of moving to a true omnichannel customer service model can be daunting. This is a hot topic, but few companies have successfully made the transition. That is starting to change.

Join NICE and Masergy on this webcast and learn how your company can provide true omnichannel customer service on a global scale and reap the rewards of comprehensive service and actionable business insights.

In this webcast you will learn the following:
  • The importance for organizations to adopt an omnichannel strategy, not only by offering more than one channel for customers to interact, but by aligning the technology, people, and processes behind them all;
  • What it means to be omnichannel inside and out;
  • How best practices developed over the years can be extended to new channels;
  • How agents and interactions to be trained and analyzed consistently to allow customer experience to improve; and
  • What the major obstacles inhibiting smooth omnichannel transitions are and how to overcome them.
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Bob Fernekees
CRM magazine
Pearl Lieberman
Product Marketing Manager, Multi-Channel Recording
Dean Manzoori
Vice President of Product Management