NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring Tool Boosts Contact Center Scalability

NICE announced that it is enabling its real-time offering in the cloud, with NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM) being the first solution to migrate to this platform.

The cloud-based solution will support improved scalability and performance across contact center and back office operations, and will enable organizations to streamline IT processes, lowering costs and simplifying installment.

The latest version of RTAM also supports data input from a much larger number of agent desktops. The new infrastructure will help large-scale operations boost customer service. NICE RTAM helps identify time-saving opportunities by uncovering process bottlenecks and inefficiencies in agent desktop activities. With these insights, certain processes can be automated to reduce handle time and eliminate mistakes, and managers can also identify top performing employees and replicate their actions as team best practices.

The new release of NICE RTAM is part of a broad set of enhanced capabilities for NICE's real-time suite of solutions. This includes:

  • Enhanced security and user authentication across the platform.
  • Improved monitoring and alarming for NICE Robotic Automation.
  • Better connectivity using a new Chrome connector for the latest API.
  • Out-of-the-box callout templates for quicker time to value.

"We expect that our cloud-based RTAM offering will meet the growing market demand for SaaS and hosted technologies,” said Miki Migdal, president, NICE enterprise product group, in a statement. “With the current set of enhancements to our real-time suite of solutions, organizations will be in a better position to create the perfect experience for their customers by optimizing all of the processes that take place in the background of every interaction.”