Avaya Launches Aura Experience Portal 7.1

Avaya has launched Avaya Aura Experience Portal 7.1, the latest version of its contact center suite that lets users toggle between visual self-service mobile applications and on-demand assistance to a contact center agent or expert, together with complete context of the customer journey.

This latest version has also been integrated into Avaya Breeze, enabling communications in mobile and Web apps for a rich, seamless, digital omnichannel experience.

"Avaya Aura Experience Portal 7.1 really takes customer engagement to the next level. Our beta tests of the mobile Web with Avaya Breeze integration revealed an omnichannel powerhouse capable of seamlessly passing information among voice, SMS, and email channels. Organizations can now easily accommodate mobile and desktop technologies to provide an intelligent, convenient, and truly comprehensive communication experience for their customers," said Danette Craig, vice president and general manager of Interactive Northwest, in a statement.

"Omnichannel engagement, particularly from mobile devices, is all about convenience and reducing customer effort. Combining Avaya Breeze capabilities with Avaya Experience Portal can provide great benefits in easing development of effortless mobile self-service," said Nancy Jamison, principal analyst for customer contact at Frost & Sullivan, in a statement.

"Consumers today want to shop, make purchases, troubleshoot issues, and resolve problems while on the go. The ability to serve themselves from any mobile device and channel of communication is a core element of any omnichannel customer service strategy, and mobile apps have proved a boon to self-service and brands. To be successful, mobile self-service needs to take into account that the consumer may need additional assistance and provide continuity and context between the mobile user experience and the heart of the contact center. Avaya's customer engagement applications provide that link," said Karen Hardy, senior director of customer engagement at Avaya, in a statement.